Balers - Vertical and Horizontal

We offer a line of balers in a wide range of capacities for baling materials such as:
Cardboard, Plastics, Tubes, Nonferrous, Newspaper, Plastic, Cardboard (OCC) and Aluminum.

Vertical Balers

Vertical Balers

Common Customers:
• Warehouses
• Drug Stores
• Supermarkets
• Manufacturing Plants
• Recycling Operations
• Distribution Centers
• Department Stores
• Chain Stores
• Hotels
• Shopping Centers

Standard Features include:
• Key-Operated ON/OFF Switch
• Motor Overload Protectors
• Extended Warranty
• Starter bundle of bailing wire & Poker Bar
• Tri Voltage Motor
• Factory Tested & Inspected
• Safety/Operational Video

Two Ram Horizontal Balers

Large Two-Ram machines are mostly designed for the recycling industry. These machines are capable of baling up to 25 Tons per hour of OCC and up to 40 tons per hour of ONP and hi-grades.

Common Customers:
• Recycling Centers (Private and municipalities)
• Collection Facilities

Closed Door Horizontal Balers

Industry standard for a closed door baler is once your tonnage goes beyond 30 Tons per month, you should strongly consider removing your existing baling system and look at a closed door baler.

Common Customers:
• Distribution Centers

• Manufacturing Facilities
• Small Recycling Centers (Private and municipalities)
• Small to Mid Size Printers

Open End Horizontal Balers

If you are producing above 150 Tons per Month we strongly encourage you to consider an Open End horizontal baler.

Common Customers:
• Distribution Centers
• Manufacturing Facilities
• Mid Size Recycling Centers (Private and municipalities)
• Mid Size to Large Printers



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